Today is the first full day of fall and you know what that means, right? It means that the time has come for us to have the bejesus scared out of us. The best part is that you don't have to drive far to "enjoy" some of the best haunts anywhere.

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People who love to be spooked have waited almost a year for this day to arrive. This is the day that all four our favorite haunted attractions close to Binghamton are finally fully open for the Halloween season.

Whether you're a horror fan or looking for something to do with your friends or for a date night (if you dare!), check out one or more of these local haunted attractions that are open any Friday or Saturday (and select Sunday nights) through the end of October.

Hellstead Manor - Harmony Road, Susquehanna, PA

Hellstead Manor is located in an old farmhouse and was created by an Emmy Award Winning special effects artist. Hellstead Manor is open Friday and Saturday nights through October 28th and my daughter, Tara is a "resident" there.

New this year, they are offering special non-scare tours on Sunday with the mastermind behind Hellstead Manor.

Slaughterland Screampark- Barrier Road, Binghamton

Slaughterland Screampark can be found near Binghamton Airport and features four different attractions. Slaughterland Screampark is open Friday and Saturday through October 29th. It'll also be open on Sunday, October 9th and Sunday, October 30th.

Reaper's Revenge - Green Grove Road, Blakely, PA

Reaper's Revenge sits on 66 acres and features four attractions. Reapers Revenge is open Friday to Sunday through October 30th.

Tagsylvania - Big Flats, NY

Tagsylvania is located on New York 352 in Big Flats and features five attractions. Tagsylvania is open every Friday and Saturday through October 29th and on Sunday, October 9th.

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