Some people think that there isn't anything really special about the Southern Tier of New York. They would be wrong, in fact, you can find some of their names in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Binghamton Guinness Book of World Record Holders

One is a local legend whose feat of strength has given him not one but two records in the record book. He was also recently inducted into the Greater Binghamton Sports Hall of Fame.

Who would have guessed that four kids from the Binghamton area would set a record that involves mashed potatoes? Me either. The best part about what they did is they not only set a record but fed the hungry in our area too.

Finally, one woman proved that it's never too late to experience something for the first time. This got me thinking about other Guinness Book of World Records that we could try to set in the Southern Tier.

My nephew, Dominick, my son, Devon, along with their friends attempted to set the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous whiffle ball game. They are still waiting to hear back from them but they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Guinness World Records That Should Be Attempted in Binghamton

We are known as the "carousel capital of the world", so why not try to set the record for the longest continuous ride on a carousel horse. As any Binghamton native knows, we have the Spiediefest and Balloon Rally at Otsiningo Park

So during the event, we should try and set the record for the largest spiedie sandwich or the most Hot Air balloons launched at once. What record would you like to see broken? In the meantime, look at the records that people from our area have broken.

Four World Records Set In The Binghamton Area

There are several Guinness Book of World Record holders from the Southern Tier. Take a look

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