The Southern Tier is fiercely loyal to our hockey teams and with the coming and going of teams through the years, we've been left wondering if the next team to come in would meet our expectations. I think we can all agree that the Binghamton Black Bears have.

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When it was announced that the Binghamton Devils would be leaving Binghamton to take up residence in Utica, we were left with a gaping hole but the Binghamton Black Bears has done an excellent job filling the void.

The Binghamton Black Bears came into Binghamton and immediately stepped up to immerse themselves in our community, working hard to serve the community through various fundraisers and charity events and showing up at local schools to introduce themselves to students. The origination has also given professional hockey plans hope as the team made it to the playoffs for the very first time in six years.

The Binghamton Black Bears haven't just captured the attention of Southern Tier hockey fans. Hockey fans across the United States are watching what the team is doing and they like what they see.

Earlier this year, there was the "goalie fight" that was viewed around the country and now we have "The "Michigan." Cam Yarwood of the Binghamton Black Bears pulled off “The Michigan” and we were left with our mouths sitting open.

"The Michigan" Hockey Goal

"The Michigan" is a hockey trick in which the player scoops up the puck with the blade of their stick and tucks it into the net. The thing that makes "The Michigan" so incredible is that it's all done from behind the net.

The first person to pull off "The Michigan" was Mike Legg, a former Canadian ice hockey player who showed off the move in 1996 while playing for the University of Michigan. The move was so incredible that Legg got "Goal of the Year" by Inside Hockey and his game stick was donated to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

"The Michigan" is a move you have to see to fully appreciate. Watch as Cam Yarwood pulls it off:

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