Delaware County Sheriff’s officials are warning residents of a version of a relatively popular scam resurfacing.

On a Facebook post, the Sheriff’s office says residents should be “on high alert” for sophisticated scams.

One of the scams that involves family ties and loyalty apparently is on the comeback.  In the past, the scheme had been dubbed the “Grandparent Scam” since it normally targets older residents and tries to trick them into sending money or gift card numbers in order to help their grandchild.

New York State Police graphic
New York State Police graphic

Delaware Sheriff’s officials say they have received at least one complaint recently of a victim contacted by someone claiming to be a family member. Like the “Grandparent Scam,” the caller claimed to have been involved in an accident, had been placed under arrest and was in need of money.

Investigators say the scammer asked for a large amount of cash in order to post bail.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the criminal piled on just being annoying in an attempted to badger the targeted victim into paying.

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Authorities say the scammer called the victim several times within the course of an hour.  In a frightening move, showing the criminals knew where the victim lives, at one point a courier was sent to the resident’s home in order to collect the cash payment.  Most alarming is that, Deputies say, the victim never told the caller their address and it’s not entirely clear how the criminal obtained that information.  It is possible previous postings on social media were used to determine where the victim lives.

People are being told to be vigilant and contact law enforcement of any activities that may seem suspicious and be very careful what you post on social media.  Pictures and information concerning yourself and family members could be harvested by criminals and used in attempts to prove authenticity when they call posing as a relative in need.

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