A major perk of living in New York is that we get to experience all four seasons, but if someone were to ask you which of the seasons is your favorite, what one would you pick?

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Would you pick spring when the birds hop around chirping and flowers starts to pop up through the ground? Would you pick summer when the sun is high and the water is cool? Maybe fall is your favorite season when the days are comfortably warm and the nights are perfect for bonfires? Or, are you a winter person who loves the cold air and mounds of snow?

According to a Gallup Poll, most Americans, 36 percent, say that spring is their favorite season. The second most popular season of Americans is fall with 27 percent of Americans. 25 percent of Americans said they’re really into summer while only 11 percent of Americans love winter.

So, how do New Yorkers stack up against the rest of the country? As it turns out, our number one favorite holiday is not the same as the rest of the country. That’s right – even after what can feel like a brutally long winter, spring is not the favorite season of New Yorkers.

Out of all of the seasons, New Yorkers say that their favorite is summer.  We’re not the only state that likes summer above all others. Joining us in picking summer as the best season are Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Hawaii, and Massachusetts.

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