This is probably the best time of the year to bring up the subject of ghosts and the paranormal as Halloween approaches our thoughts turn to monsters and other phenomenon.

According to a Chapman University poll three out of four Americans believe in paranormal things, like haunted spirits or ghosts.

Over half of Americans actually believe that ancient civilizations like the lost city of Atlantis once existed.

I don’t find that fact hard to believe if you look at what archeologists are digging up we know there were other places and people buried under the soil in fossilized form.

How about Aliens? Over one third of Americans believe we have been visited by beings from another planet, some believe they are here now. I don’t know about that, but is it hard to believe that other worlds exist?

We have seen demonstrations of telekinetic power and people moving objects with their mind, one fourth of Americans believe these powers exist.

We have seen our share of psychics and people who claim to see the future almost one fifth of Americans believe in psychic power.

Finally let’s talk about one of the biggest myths of the modern world, Bigfoot, according to the Chapman University Survey 16% of Americans believe the Bigfoot legend to be true. I am not one of those people.

There are a few factors that will probably keep people guessing for years, maybe centuries, any concrete proof that these things actually do exist.

Bigfoot if you’re out there, we would love to do an interview in the studio, gives us a call.

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