Blake Shelton might be one of the biggest guys in country music- both literally and figuratively. Standing six-and-a-half feet tall, Blake still finds himself in awe yet completely overwhelmed by the stage on his tour.

I have no doubt Blake will work the stage with no problem, but there's something I can guarantee you won't see at one of his shows and that's Blake in a t-shirt. In an interview with The Boot, Blake said, “I’m one of those guys that’s left from 2001, which was when I came out. And in 2001, you didn’t show up wearing a T-shirt and a baseball cap to be on stage, and that’s just still my mentality. Clearly I’m one of the last ones standing. I’m not saying I like to get totally dressed up, but I want to look like I put on something nice and fixed my hair. I’m just old, I guess.”

Blake Shelton's fall tour kicks off on September 9th and if you've ever wondered what it's like for a musician to prepare for a show, Blake is giving us a special sneak peek.

[via The Boot]