When talking to Eric Paslay, it's easy to lose track of time because he's laid back, funny and grounded. So grounded.

The first time I had a chat with Eric was at our 2015 Toyota Country Lights Festival, where I asked him about something he’d done the morning of the concert.

TT: “I understand that you did something a little bit interesting today...”

EP: “We’re redoing our house that my wife had and it was built in the 20’s so there’s this architectural salvage place down in Scranton. Went down there, found two awesome doors. If you haven’t ever gone, go to this place. I think it’s called Old Good Things. It was awesome. Basically whenever I go on the road, I wake up and I Google antique stores and I go to antique stores, so this was like a candy store to me because I’m usually looking for hardware and old doors, old glass, stained glass windows and stuff.”

TT: “You actually went to a car rental place on Main Street in Binghamton?!? I wonder if they realized that Eric Paslay was in their car rental place, renting a car from them after the fact. Did it feel weird? Were they looking at you? Did they recognize you?”

EP: “They kept saying “what company is it with?” And I was like “um, Eric Paslay music? I don’t know.” But the daughter, Morgan recognized me a little bit and she’s coming to the show tonight.”

Eric came back to Binghamton just three months later and I was able to spend a little more time than the last chatting with him. We talked about antiquing, the frustrations he felt trying to get a record deal, what it’s like to be a songwriter, and who he believes controls whether or not his songs climb the charts.

Take a listen. I think after you do, you're going have a much better understanding of why I say that Eric Paslay is one stand-up human being.

Country fans in the Southern Tier love Eric so much that they begged us to bring him back to town and so we're going to! Eric will be joining Montgomery Gentry, Easton Corbin, Lindsay Ell and Kolby Oakley at our 2016 Toyota Country Lights Festival which happens this Friday, July 22nd at NYSEG stadium in downtown Binghamton!

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