When we look back to the pandemic years, one of the words that will come to mind will be "Supply Chain Issues." Everywhere we turn, we hear about the supply chain problem including baby formula, vehicle chips, and car parts.

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But now it's really getting serious...okay not really but I wanted to get your attention. The supply chain crisis along with an extinct volcano is bringing us our latest crisis...beer shortage.

Supply Chain Crisis Causes Beer Shortage

A carbon dioxide production shortage is the biggest culprit in this latest shortage. It was caused by natural contamination at the Jackson Dome in Mississippi and that has caused brewers to cut back.

The Jackson Dome is a Mississippi reservoir of CO2 from an extinct volcano and is forcing brewers to cut back because of production delays. This is hurting the smaller, independent craft beer breweries.

Craft beer is 13% of the overall beer market with over 9,000 breweries throughout the country. The number of breweries has been growing been that could change with this latest issue.

Nightshift Brewery had to shut down their facility because they were told that the carbon dioxide supply issue could last more than a year. When you add inflation to the equation, it could become a struggle for some of these breweries to keep their doors open.

Beer prices haven't risen has fast as other beverages but with the rising costs of CO2 and grain, the bottom line is that you'll paying more for your pint.

If you are looking to drown your sorrows over the rising price of a cold one, have one while listening to your favorite drinking song below.

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