Summer is just a few weeks away and coming off Memorial Day weekend many of us have already cooked out, here are a few ways to save on your next BBQ.

It's Summer Time and one of the most popular events of the season is the barbecue, so today I thought we'd give you some tips on how to save on your next BBQ.

  • You should always have an idea around how many people will be attending your cookout, knowing how many people will be there will help you cut back on the leftovers and less wasted food, so plan on getting your invitations to the people you’re going to invite as soon as you can, and I would circle back around with everyone about a week before to make sure they’re actually going to be there.
  •  Serve a variety of vegetables and fruits to serve along with your proteins, meat can be expensive so corn on the cob, beans, sliced watermelon and other fruits.
  • Don’t go all out on expensive meat, you can choose a cheaper cut, you can tenderize many cuts of meat in marinades and rubs and they’ll bring out the flavor, choose cuts like london broil, chicken thighs, drumsticks.
  • Cut back on the drink expenses, especially booze that can set you back, buy inexpensive drinks such as wines, sodas, sangria, and you can also get those giant bottles of soda and supply cups with ice and let people bring their own booze.
  • If you don’t mind washing your own dishes, you can cut back on the cost of paper plates, napkins, utensils, or you can buy plain label paper products cause lets face it no one want to have to wash a bunch of dishes after a gathering.

BBQ season is here so start your planning your parties and maybe use of few of these tips to cut back ion expenses

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