How many times have you barbecued at home and had perfect food and then you invite people over for dinner and things were less than perfect or worse yet, charred.  It's happened to me more than a count on one hand and worse yet, it has happened when I have been nominated to guest cook at a friend's house using their expensive steaks.  Yikes.

That's when I began looking in to apps available to make backyard and party BBQ-ing  fun again.  It just goes to show there is an app for everything.

  • Steak Time App -  One of my favorites is a steak time app from Omaha Steaks.  This free download includes a very cool steak timer that tells you when to flip, add and remove one steak or multiple steaks.  Think of it as BBQ for dummies.  It's actually very fun to follow and ensures a perfect steak every time.
  • Weber On The Grill App -  Even if you don't own this brand, this app is a must for creative recipe ideas.  Again, fun to use and it covers everything from how-to-do-it in pictures to important tips and even makes the grocery store list for you. I love the recipe of the week feature.
  • BBQ Tank Meter App -  Ever been caught thinking you had enough propane to find out you did not and your second tank was empty too?  It won't happen when you download this handy little app since it actually listens to the resonance inside and acoustically measures the amount of propane in your tank.  How it does this, I have no idea but wow!

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