This weekend, while taking a break from doing yard work, I mentioned to Chris that this past weekend would have been the Spiedie Fest and Balloon Rally at Otsiningo Park in Binghamton.

We go to Spiedie Fest just about every year, even if only to get something to eat to help support the vendors that keep the Spiedie Fest afloat. Last year we went the night of the Starship concert and saw just about their whole set. If you told me at that show that this year's Spiedie Fest would be postponed due to a world wide pandemic, I would have asked you how many beers you had.

In years past, different family members would come up to check out the event. In 2013 my Sister Margaret and her husband John came up to Spiedie Fest with their daughter Mandy, her husband Seamus, and their two kids. We enjoyed some food together and the kids had a blast. That was the year of the Horton balloon at the festival.

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Every year Spiedie Fest has at least one if not a few novelty / specialty featured balloons. In the past they have had the space shuttle and the Energizer Bunny balloons just to name a few. The Horton balloon was the biggest balloon I've ever seen being blown up in person. It took several members of their crew to spread out the massive balloon and to inflate it.

The pictures below are of Horton being blown up, as well as some of the other balloons that were in the same field with Horton on that August weekend.

KEEP SCROLLING: Balloons of Spiedie Fest Past

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