Summer has come and gone and almost all the schools are back in session. Sidney is off until Monday, September 10th and the Athens School District is closed until Friday, September 14th due to signs of mold.

In the Pitcher household, we did our back to school shopping on Wednesday....I walked around the store, Tara did the shopping and told me how much money she needed.

Okay, it's time to brush up on our Political Correctness for Teenagers for this school year:

You don't fail a class anymore, you are "passing impaired."

You aren't gossiping, it's the "speedy transmission of near factual information."

You aren't lazy, you are "energetically declined."

You aren't grounded, you just hit "social speed bumps."

Your homework isn't done, it's having an "out of notebook experience."

Just like school, here's one for extra credit:

I wasn't sent to the principals office for mooning the band teacher. I was "going on a mandatory field trip to the administrative building."

WHOOPS! Did I say "I (Glenn Pitcher) was sent to the principals office," I meant to say "You were sent to the principals office."  Whew, I almost let the cat out of the bag on that one.

Good luck to all the students and teachers and may your year go well.

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