One thing that my daughter, Tara has taught me through the years is to take a moment and look to the sky before heading inside at night. It's a canvas of God's glory that we take for granted as we travel on this third rock from the sun called "Earth."

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In New York, we are in for a big skyward treat that we should all take a moment to take in as the sky will be painted with lunar magic. We'll have two chances in August to witness a once in a lifetime thing as we gaze towards the heavens at night.

Up first is the Full Sturgeon Moon (also known as the Full Green Corn Moon) as it'll be making its appearance on August 22nd. That will be followed by a rare Blue Moon on August 31st. Here's an added bonus: Both of them will also be supermoons.

What Is The Full Sturgeon Moon

The Full Sturgeon Moon got its name when the Native American tribes would catch a lot of sturgeon fish in the Great Lakes and other freshwater bodies. The moon would symbolize the abundance of fish that were caught and kick off the harvest season.

What Is The Blue Moon

Interestingly enough, the Blue Moon isn't the color blue and it's not sad either. The Blue Moon (August 31st) has to do with there being two full moons in a single calendar month. This is very rare and only happens every couple of years and the last time there was a Blue Moon in New York was in January of 2018. Thus the expression "once in a blue moon."

So the Full Sturgeon Moon and the Blue Moon will be supermoons. This is when the moon is at its closest point to earth and it'll look even larger and brighter to us. Save the dates (August 22nd and August 31st) and take my daughter's advice and take some time to look up into the sky.

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