Remember how cool it was when Michael J Fox slipped his foot in those sneakers and they laced up automatically?  Well...welcome to the future my friends.

I get it.  Tying your shoes can be a tedious task.  I understand wanting to do away with laces.  But how hard is it to slip your feet in to flip flops?'s about to get easier.  Not only are they trying to do away with laces, they're trying to do away with straps on flip flops too.  As a matter of fact, these new shoe/flip flop hybrids do away with the entire top of the shoe!

There's a new company on Indiegogo that is raising money for a shoe-flip-flop HYBRID called a "Link" shoe that stays on by gripping the sides of your foot.  No laces, no straps.

They're calling it the ultimate most versatile footwear ever.

There are a lot of people who already dig the new shoe.  Almost 900 people have backed the campaign on Indiegogo so far, and they've raised over 73 grand.

So how much are they?  They're planning on selling them for $119, but you can get them right now for just $69.  Look for them on Indiegogo and search "Link, The World’s First Flip-Shoe" or just click right here.

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