Disney has become such a large company over its lifetime, it’s hard to meet someone in the United States that has never seen media produced by the massive empire.

With properties such as Marvel, Star Wars and its own retelling of fairy tales under its belt, the content certainly gathers an audience from all over; granted, not everyone in that audience will agree on what content they like to enjoy.

Specifically, there’s been one that’s been in the forefront of a lot of people’s minds lately: the new Lion King movie.

Now, why do I bring up the different audiences? I mean, hasn’t everyone seen the Lion King? Isn’t it a classic? What does the new one have to do with anything? Well, a lot, actually. See, the circles of people I follow and hang out with absolutely adore the original movie. Heck, I have very fond memories of it from my childhood.

Yet, from these people that love art, animation, and all sorts of creative content; I hear very little positive opinions about the remake. Mostly, I hear complaints from people that loved the original about how the remake is boring, dull and has no heart. But why?

I personally have not watched it yet. However, I’ve watched most of the other remakes Disney has released over the last couple years, and I can understand where they’re coming from.

Think back to the original movies: they were colorful, lively, cartoonish and all the characters acted in a manner you usually wouldn’t see a normal person act. I have enjoyed the remakes I’ve seen thus far, however they tend to lack most of those descriptors.

The colors tend to be more realistic, and thus less vibrant. The characters are closer to being real people or animals and abide by the “normal” laws of physics, so there’s a lot less whimsy in their movements and actions.

Because the studios try to make everything look more “real,” it greatly suppresses the wonderful fantasy that many people praised Disney’s animation for. Thus a divide comes: on one side, you have the people that prefer the whimsical animation of the old movies. On the other, you have people you enjoy seeing the realism and expansion on the old story.

Now, are either of these sides correct? No. Art is subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Third cliché line. You, as a media consumer, have the right to enjoy what you want. Don’t worry about what others say, enjoy the media you like! People will disagree with you, yes, but a difference in opinion just means that people are thinking for themselves, which is a good thing!

Debate about the changes, argue why you like what you like; just because one person says “this is terrible” doesn’t mean you need to think so to.

If you enjoy it, more power to you! Go out and see a movie tonight, why not?

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