So April Fools Day falls on a Monday this year, it's a great chance to pull that prank that you've always wanted too. After a long weekend, your fellow co-worker may have forgotten about today but remember you're the one that could suffer the consequences not me.

Here are some things to try but if you decide to play pranks on your fellow office mates, remember you've been warned.

Replace the cream filling of Oreos with toothpaste, then give them to your co-workers for a snack. Remember this when you take what's left home with you and want to have them for yourself...Take my word on that.

Switch your friend's cell phone background image to a photo of cracked glass.

Take a screenshot of your co-workers computer desktop and set it as the background. Don't forget to hide the desktop icons and watch as they struggle with the "frozen" screen.

Post a sign on the office copy machine that says: "This copier is now voice-activated."

I was looking through some previous April Fools pranks that have been played and I found this is to ironically funny. Is "ironically funny" a word? One of last year's biggest April Fools prank was that Odell Beckham Jr. was traded to the Cleveland Browns.

Giant fans were losing their minds and one year later it's true. So what prank do you plan on pulling this year?


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