Being a parent is hard. We want to wrap our kids up tight in a bubble wrap cocoon and protect them from the world but unfortunately, this isn't possible. As our kids grow, we must afford them more freedom, but that doesn't mean we don't have to keep tabs on them anymore, at least not while they still live in our home.

Thanks to these apps, your kids can have the freedom they crave while you still keep a distant eye on them.

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    Life360 is a free app and is compatible with iPhone and Android. Life360  allows you to view where your kids are in real time. You can also track lost or stolen phones, and receive alerts when your kids arrive or leave a destination.

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    Family Signal

    Family Signal is a free app that includes a map so you can see where in the neighborhood your kids are. There's also a panic button the kids can push and it'll alert you in the event of an emergency.

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    Glympse is a free app and allows you (or your kids0 to share your location in real-time with approved people. You can also track where your kids are in real time through text, Facebook, email, or Twitter.

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    KidTracker is a free app for iOS or Android. With KidTracker, you can check where your kids are at any second and you'll also get a notification if they leave a predefined area.

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