You know the Lafayette Brewing Company inside the Hotel Lafayette? Well, they had a great response on Facebook Thursday to Governor Cuomo's new alcohol law during the pandemic. They put together a "dollar menu" in response to Governor Cuomo's law that says you can no longer only buy alcohol at a restaurant or bar in New York, at least during the COVID pandemic. Their dollar menu is 'sarcastic', but true. You can get a few grapes or the 'smallest piece of cheesecake'.

The thought is that people linger and talk with each other too much and he wants to limit the interaction to hope spread coronavirus. In fact, two bars in Western New York have been closed down citing violations.

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The law has good intentions, but no doubt that it is becoming an obstacle for restaurants or bars, especially ones that solely make their money basically by alcohol. But, the law isn't that clear either. Can bars just offer a bag of chips? What if they're there for an extremely long time?

Another bar in Saratoga Springs, Harvey's Irish Pub is having some 'chips'....more accurately 'Cuomo Chips' and he apparently, is not a fan the law judging by his hostile response:

Owner Matthew Bagely decided to put "Cuomo chips" on everyone's bill, so customers don't have to buy a full meal.

"I mean why not, they're his chips, they're his rule so he might as well get some recognition and acknowledgment for another little hurdle we have to jump through as business owners", according to CBS in Albany.

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