I remember hearing about this story in April and the first thing I thought of was my daughters. If this had happened to Riley or Tara, I would have been crushed and it would feel like my world had come to an end.

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I wouldn't have any peace in my life until I found out who and why such a tragic thing like this had happened. How a young life had been taken too soon before they had the chance to experience what life had to offer.

I'm talking about the Aliza Spencer story that remains a mystery. In April, this 12 year old girl died after she was shot in the chest while she was walking on the East Side of Binghamton. It's been nearly six months since her death and we still know very little.

Reward For Aliza Spencer Information

We haven't heard about any suspects or a motive in the shooting and no one has been charged. I heard that the reward has gotten up to around $30,000 but there have been few takers. The Binghamton police detective bureau can be reached at (607) 772-7080 if you know anything.

Little Free Library Dedicated In Honor of Aliza Spencer

With that being said, there is a way that you can help honor her memory tonight. On Tuesday, October 11th beginning at 6:30 p.m., everyone is invited to come to the front lawn of the Calvin Coolidge Elementary School in Binghamton.

It's the opening ceremony for the dedication of the "Little Free Library" in honor of Aliza. You are encouraged to wear her favorite color, purple and to bring a book to donate.

attachment-Little Free Library in Honor of Aliza Spencer

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