Growing up in Binghamton, one of my dreams was to be a puppeteer.  I would watch Sesame Street and mimic my own TV shows.  My made up station was WZYX, which I understand actually exists in Cowan, Tennesse.  Too funny!  I would talk my younger sister in to doing these puppet shows with me.  It was really bad by today's standards and I'm so glad there are no videos or films that exist.  Good memories though.

I can recall going to visit my cousins in Florida to see a puppet production of Aesops Fables.  It was something that fascinated me to this day.  And now it comes to life again in Johnson City at the Goodwill Theater on Willow Street this weekend.

The lessons and tales of Aesops Fables will be brought to life on Saturday February 20th at 11am and 2pm. Robert Rogers Puppet Company is an opportunity for younger audiences to be introduced to theatre and storytelling.  Some favorites such as The Tortoise and the Hare will be one of many stories told during the puppet show.  Robert Rogers Puppet Company is replacing Spring Valley Puppet Theatre's Jack and the Beanstalk, due to a unforeseen schedule conflict.

The family show sounds like fun for the younger set and entertaining for moms, dads and grandparents who may remember seeing Aesops Fables.  To find out more on this show, click HERE.

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