For so long as I live, I will never, ever forget my childhood summers spent at Camp Pattersonville, just outside of Albany.

I spent summers going to Camp Pat from the time I was in elementary school until I was too old to be a camper and that's when I became a kitchen girl. Now, my nieces and nephews are carrying on our family tradition and are attending the same camp. Now that I'm an adult, would I go back as a camper if I were able? You bet!

I miss those simple summer days when my friends and I learned to swim and made tin foil packet dinners and searched for crayfish and went hiking and sat around the bonfire learning about God. I miss the friends I looked forward to seeing each summer when they came in from all over the country.

If you're nostalgic for your younger years and the memories you made as a camper, there's an opportunity to re-live those days. How many times in life can you say that?!?

You can revive those summer camp sleepaways thanks to a big upswing in the number of summer camps for grown-ups. Yes, this really is a real thing.

Camps for adults are really popular, except they substitute sunrise yoga for kickball and making dream-catchers and vision boards instead of flimsy wallets for mom. Some camps, like Soul Camp, are health-oriented while others like Camp No Counselors, go the other direction and offer all-day open bars for singles looking to mingle.

Adult camps don't come cheap though, Most of the camps that I found average about a thousand dollars for a four or five-day stay but one happy camper told the New York Post it was worth it, saying, “Camp made me grow and value myself as me.”

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