As the holiday season approaches, the anticipation for the year's top toys grows. While new toys continue to captivate the imaginations of our children, there are some timeless classics that deserve recognition.

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Each year, the Toy Hall of Fame in New York honors these iconic toys, but there are a select few that have continuously fallen short and they are known as the "Forgotten Five."

The Toy Hall of Fame, located inside the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, is celebrating its 25th anniversary and has given kids of all ages an opportunity to support their favorite toys to ensure they are included for eternity.

Over the years, each of the iconic toys has been nominated multiple times and has come close to winning but has fallen short of the judges' approval. This year, the power lies with the fans to make a lasting impact on the Toy Hall of Fame's selection.

The "Forgotten Five" toys that are up for a vote are the Fisher-Price Corn Popper, My Little Pony, PEZ dispensers, the pogo stick, and Transformers. Despite their nostalgic appeal and enduring popularity, these toys have yet to receive the honor of being placed in the Toy Hall of Fame.

In addition to the "Forgotten Five," three other toys will be chosen from a pool of 12 finalists by a panel of judges. The judges are historians, educators, and industry experts. Together, the three toys that receive the most votes will join toys previously inducted.

The winners of the fan vote and the judges' selection will be announced on November 9 when the newest members of the Toy Hall of Fame are unveiled.

Whether you want to support your own nostalgic favorite or introduce your children to the toys that once brought you joy, now is the time to make your voice heard. Cast your vote once a day until next Tuesday, October 24, and ensure that one of the "Forgotten Five" finally gains a well-deserved place in the Toy Hall of Fame!

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