A black bear that has been at a Wildlife Refuge in the Adirondacks since he was a baby has passed away.

The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge has been rehoming its animals after receiving violations from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Ahote, a large black bear apparently died of stress, a day or two after her transfer to Maine Wildlife Park. "The handlers from Maine Wildlife Park are professionals, who came to pick the bears up, and from what we observed, did everything by the book," the Refuge shared on Facebook.

Two coyotes and the other bear from the Refuge, Luvey, are said to be doing okay since their transfer to the same park in Maine.

Credit - Adirondack Wildlife Refuge
Credit - Adirondack Wildlife Refuge

Ahote, which means 'restless one,' was known for escaping her enclosure and roaming the Adirondacks. The most recent escape this past June had her on the loose for weeks before being brought back home.

Adirondack Wildlife Refuge is a rehabilitation and education organization, that takes in, rehabilitates, and whenever possible, returns to the wild, injured, or disabled wildlife. Violation disputes with the DEC led them to revoke the rehab license, as well as the collect and possess license. "Don’t worry about the Wildlife Refuge, we’re not going anywhere, and will be reorganizing, bringing forth more education on various topics," said the refuge.

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