Starting today and running through this Sunday, you won't have to see a fortune teller to figure out your future. All you need to do is stop by your local Starbucks.

Social media is going nuts over the Crystal Ball Frappuccino. The drink is a peach flavored creme-based frappucino that comes with a certain color of candy gems. Customers won't know what color they are getting, nor will the baristas.

Baristas will have three containers containing these candy gems. If a customer gets the blue hue they have adventure in their future. If they get the green candy gems there is good luck coming their way. finally, if customers receive the purple gems they can expect magic. enchantment, and wonder in their future.

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Starbucks is not guaranteeing luck will come to those who purchase the beverage, but hope customers have a great day.

This frappucino is the latest viral trend Starbucks has produced. The unicorn frappuccion created a massive social media buzz last year because of how photogenic the beverage was.


In my research, the Starbucks on the Vestal Parkway, the one by Tully's does have this delicious treat.

[via USA Today]

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