Black Friday is approaching at a rapid pace, but are you ready to tackle the crowds for the best deals? We put together a list of some things you can do in order to survive the frenzy and make the most out of your Black Friday shopping.

  • 1

    Do some research before hand.

    Might as well take the little bit of extra time that you have before the madness of Thanksgiving planning begins and search out the best deals. There are websites out there to help you do some digging, like

  • 2

    Map out your plan of attack.

    Are you going to start at the mall, or are you going to start at other stores like Target or Walmart? What are you going to get at each? By mapping out where you are going to get what items, and which ones are the most important to get, it will allow you to have a more efficient and (hopefully) less stressful night/day of shopping.

  • 3

    Have a back-up plan.

    You might be banking on getting the deal on the flat screen TV at Best Buy, but what happens if it's sold out by the time you get in the store? Allow yourself a back-up plan to go and find that TV for a comparable price somewhere else!

  • 4

    Follow your budget (and use cash if possible).

    This one is HUGE. You don't want to find yourself overspending on something that you know will be on sale again, potentially for an even better discount, a little closer to Christmas. Prioritize what you need, and follow your budget plan.

  • 5

    Shop with a friend.

    Some of you might think this isn't the best shopping tactic, but just think, two is better than one! You guys can tag team stores and help each other get the things you need faster than if it was just yourself trying to grab everything.

  • 6

    Cyber Monday is another option.

    If you are someone who just doesn't understand the fuss of leaving Thanksgiving dinner to get to the store, Cyber Monday might be an option for you. The Monday after Thanksgiving, tons of websites have Cyber Monday deals, which are comparable to what you would have paid in store on Black Friday! This way you can enjoy that tryptophan coma you know you're going to have with no worries of shopping.

  • 7

    Don't wear red to Target.

    Seriously. Don't do it. Think of how many people you'll have to swat off of you thinking that you work there!

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