You've probably been saying some of these words wrong your whole life. You've probably even heard them said by your friends or parents incorrectly. Who would question your parents? They are always correct!!

Here's 6 words that you can now learn to say correctly:

1. Mischievous. It's three syllables, not four. Some people say "mis-CHEE-vee-us."

2. Espresso. There's no "X" in there, but a lot of people pronounce it "EX-presso."

3. Prerogative. There's an "R" after the "P." So it's "PRE-rogative", not "PER-ogative." You'll probably never get called out for that one though.

4. Asterisk. A lot of people say "aster-IX," like there's an "X" at the end. But it ends in "S-K," so it's aster-ISK."

5. Triathlon. Almost everyone pronounces four syllables... tri-ATH-uh-lon. But it's really just three, "tri-ATH-lon."

6. Supposedly. A lot of people pronounce it like there's a "B" at the end... "supposably." Which IS actually a word, but they mean slightly different things.

"Supposedly" with a "D" means "apparently"... "supposably" with a "B" means "conceivably." But don't use it. Even though it's technically a word, most people will think you're an idiot.

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