I have worn cowboy boots for years and I have learned quite a few things about the care of boots in those years. Some of the things your doing to keep them great are actually probably ruining them. Here's 5 that the website 1Country.com pointed out that I've found are true.

1. Polishing Boots Too Often

I know, You just got them and they weren't cheap, You want them to look just as spectacular and possible at all times. Here's the issue. Polishing them too much is like caking lotion on your skin. It packs the natural pores in the leather full and the boots can't breath.

2. Not Supporting The Shaft

Some of you loved the slouchy boot look. but if they aren't supposed to slouch and they do. Thats because you need to support the uppers. I use a couple of old towels rolled up. You can also use some pool noodles like 1Country.com suggested, or pretty much anything that will keep them from crushing themselves.

3. Not Waterproofing your Boots

So hey, you have to water proof your boots. I know its an extra few bucks at the checkout counter, but this is a must. Water and leather do not mix. 1st you'll get white stains and then the'll darken and now that's it, you'll never bring them back. Plus it will dry them out and they could crack and ruin the boot.

4. Waiting Too Long to Start Taking Care of Them

Just bought them!?! Great. Take care of them now. Keep the uppers straight, waterproof them, Whatever it takes to start your regimen early and make the boot care a habit. Again do not over polish!!

5. Drying Boots With a Hair Dryer

That is a hair dryer. It's made to dry your hair not your boots. That warm forced hot air will aid in the cracking and weakening of your boots. They'll dry on there own, leave them be. Besides, you've already water proofed them right? No worries!

[Via: 1Country.com]