For most of us, we are always trying to better ourselves in all different ways, such as in how much we can bench press, how kind we are to strangers, that stubborn little number on the scale, or how often we meet the goals we set for ourselves.

The desire to succeed is very important in life because without it, we will never advance or go above and beyond our expectations, so here are some things that might help you be more productive, work harder, and ultimately become more successful!

1. Wake Up Early

There are only so many hours in the day and you shouldn't let them get away from you! Get up early - even if you just drink a cup of coffee and watch the newspaper for a half hour, waking up early means that you've got more time to get things done!

2. To-do Lists

I SWEAR by to-do lists, they're my saving grace! Every evening I make a to-do this for the next day (or few days) and that way, I never miss a task! Whether my list has 3 things on it or 13, knowing what I have to do keeps me stress free and motivated!

3. Be Comfortable with Constructive Criticism

It is very important to be able to understand and respond well to constructive criticism in the work place. It shows that you are aware that mistakes happen and you are not perfect, but you are willing to do anything to improve, which are all things that can make somebody more successful!

4. Work Out

When you're doing a lot of work, it is important to make sure that you're getting a few hours of exercise each week! It'll help you stay focused, stress-free, get rid of any built up frustration, and those late night Chinese Food orders won't affect your pants size!

5. Take Breaks!

When you are trying to advance in your job or spend hours a day focusing on an important project or task, it is so important to take a few mental breaks! When you get that hour for lunch, don't think about work or what you have yet to complete- just give your brain a break! A few times a day, have a casual conversation with a coworker, call your significant other-  get your mind off work and your performance will work better!

Success can happen for anybody, including you! Use these tips to achieve the goals you want! Do you have any of your own tips that work for you? Let us know!