With all of the Spring "faking" we did yesterday, it occurred to me that some people actually go on real Spring Breaks! We've showed you all how to fake it, but now I've got some tips for all of you really going on Spring Break this year!

1. Always Over-Pack!

I know people say that you shouldn't over-pack because you'll probably buy something you love in a gift shop anyway, plus what are the chances you're going to wear everything you pack, right? Well, this is how I see it. How many times do you change your outfit before you find the "right one," especially on vacation?! Over-pack, give yourself some options, and I think you'll be a lot happier!

2. Bring Spending Money

This should really go without saying, but sometimes "the experience is fine by itself, I don't need to buy souvenirs" sounds convincing enough! While you shouldn't take out a second mortgage, your trip will be a whole lot more memorable with a picture frame or some gift shop sweatshirt! (And if you have too much fun and don't remember your vacay, well, YOLO, right?)

3. Take Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures

Vacations are always a blast and Spring Break always seems to be exceptionally exciting, which means more things to snap and save for ever! One day, years from now, you'll find yourself thinking about "that Spring Break, however many years ago" and what better way to bring back old memories than with some pictures?!

4. Take 'Em but Don't Post 'Em All!

I know that I'm a college student in my 20's, but I'm a huge fan of using disposable cameras on vacations and I encourage you to do the same! Now, this could be because of that time in Mexico when I dropped my iPhone in the pool while taking a selfie, but either way, it taught me something! Disposable cameras are cheap, it's okay if they get damaged, and when you're done, you've got tangible photos! I'm not sure how the selfie works on the disposable cameras, though!


I've been told a million times. I've made sure to bring the sunscreen. I know how miserable sunburn makes me. Yet, every time I go on vacation, I end up looking exactly like the lobster that I'm eating (too far?)! Take it from me: don't let sunburn ruin your Spring Break! Wear sunscreen...or you can look like I did when I fell asleep on the beach without any on!

Emily Sarro