With the holidays right around the corner you might be racking your brain trying to decide what to get that special guy in your life. So I decided to offer up some suggestions.

They range in price from 10 bucks up to a couple hundred dollars.

We'll start with something for the beer lover. There's nothing better than a cold beer. There's nothing worse than having a cold beer, setting it down for a minute or two, only to have it turn into a warm beer. This product is relatively inexpensive and it will keep his beer from getting warm.

It's the Host 2969 Freeze Cooling Pint.

The second item is a great stocking stuffer for someone who always likes being prepared. It's the Gardman 11 in 1 Beer Opener Survival Credit Card Tool. Not only can It open a beer, but it also works as a screwdriver, a saw, a wrench, a ruler and more. And the best part, it can fit right in his wallet so he can always carry it with him.

It's the Gardman 11 in 1 Beer Opener Survival Credit Card Tool.

For the true music lover on your list this would be an awesome gift. It's also the most expensive of my gift suggestions, but it's definitely worth it. It's the Bose Quiet Comfort Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. When it comes to sound, Bose is definitely the way to go. These are also noise cancelling headphones so even in loud environments you can still enjoy your music. They are Alexa enabled and Bluetooth enabled so he can listen to the music on his phone.

If your man likes to grill in the summer, the last two ideas would be perfect for him.

First up is the wireless smart meat thermometer. He can slap a steak on the grill, use the stove in the kitchen, or even a BBQ smoker, and keep track of the temperature of the meat on his smartphone.

And finally if your man likes to cook on the grill but hates it when he runs out of gas in the middle of a barbecue, he will love this gift. It's the Smart Wireless propane tank scale. It will let him know exactly how much gas he has left in the tank. He will be able to look at his smartphone and know whether or not he's got enough gas for the bar-b-que, or if he should get the tank filled before he starts.

I'll keep my eye out for more suggestions and pass them along soon.

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