Binghamton University is back in session and the class of 2027 wasted no time. Here is what they did on move in day at Binghamton University? They brought their A game (or in this case their B game) and made the biggest B formation that I've ever seen.

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Move in day at Binghamton University was a gorgeous morning and the new students were really excited and all about school spirit so they linked up and created a massive "B" formation out of themselves out on the field.

The Binghamton University class of 2027 showed that they are here and ready to take on whatever the world has to offer. The "B" symbol is a message to the world that they are here and ready to own their college career.

This wasn't just a random stunt either. This was move in day and the beginning of a brand new chapter for these students and they wanted to show EVERYONE that they are ready to take on the world as one unit.

Now that they've all settled in, that massive "B" will always be in the back of their minds reminding them that they're all in this together for the next 4 years. From their unforgettable beginning, the Class of 2027 is set to take over Binghamton University and make the next four years epic.

Binghamton University Class of 2027 Form Gigantic B

They've made a lasting impression on everyone who was able to see this amazing formation. If you didn’t get to see the making of the big “B” in person or on social media here is a quick time lapse video of how it all came together.

Well done Binghamton University Class of 2027. Well done!

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