Do you ever just feel like you've slammed into a giant wall of "done?" Done with bad news, done with negativity, done with dealing with people. Done.

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There's something so beautifully freeing about disconnecting from the world, something I have the pleasure of doing whenever my family vacations at our remote Canadian cabin where there's no electricity, no running water, and no cell or internet service. I savor the time we spend at our cabin, shut off from the world when we can listen to the birds, go for a swim, read books, and spend lazy hours laying in the hammock and thinking about nothing.

One of the biggest voids that I've felt in the midst of this last year is the escape to the sanctuary that is our cabin. I know so many people have been cooped up for so long, but in my life and the life of my husband, there's been no downtime at all because we're both essential employees. Even when we had COVID, there was really no time to decompress because we worked from home.

Whether you're an essential employee like me and my husband and this pandemic has been anything but relief from a chaotic life, or you're just overwhelmed swirling around you like a tornado, you might want to consider giving up screen time for 24 hours to see how it feels. Oh, and to get paid.

Get Paid $2,400 To Digitally Detox is doing a 24-hour detox challenge and will pay challengers $2,400 to spend an entire 24 hours disconnected from all screens. That includes phone, television, computers, smartwatches, if it's got a screen, it's part of the detox.

What Exactly Is the Digital Detox Challenge?

Challengers will be given a safe to store their electronics for 24 hours, a $200 Amazon gift card to buy a "tech-free survival kit, and $2,400 if they can successfully disconnect for 24 hours.

What’s the Catch to the Digital Detox Challenge?

The only catch is that people will have to review whatever they bought for their survival kit and give feedback on what it was like to disconnect from their screens for 24 hours

How To Apply To Be a Digital Detox Challenger

If this sounds like something you'd be into, you've got until this Friday, March 26 to answer a couple of personal questions as well as a 100-word question on why you're up for the challenge. The winner will be announced on YouTube next Monday, March 29.

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