Progress toward gender equality means women are offering to pay, or at least split the bill on first dates.  Welp, needless to say, this went horribly wrong.

A 37-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman in Hong Kong went on a first date to a Japanese barbecue restaurant on Sunday night.  And clearly, the date went pretty well, since they stayed for three hours and drank three bottles of sake together.

Then the bill came, and it was high:  $274, about $150 of which was the alcohol.

The guy still insisted on paying, but the woman really wanted to throw in because it was so expensive, so she gave him about $65 in cash.

But he tore up the cash she gave him.  The argument escalated and they wound up getting into fist to cuffs over it in the restaurant.

They both ended up in the hospital and the guy wound up paying the full bill.  The police are still investigating so criminal charges could be coming.

My question... Second date?? Er no...



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