I think that we all can agree that there are four seasons in the United States: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. I recently learned that in New York there are actually 12 seasons and I believe that they could even overlap.

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One thing about New York is if you don't like the weather today then hold on, there is a good chance it'll be different in the near future. I remember on Thursday, April 14th, we had a cloudy day with temperatures in the 70's.

By Easter Sunday, April 17th, we had some light spring snow on the way to church with some sunshine and wind later in the day, Tuesday, April 19th, we had a Winter Storm Warning for the entire Southern Tier with up to a foot of snow and power outages everywhere. Hello, Spring of Deception!

Where else but in the Southern Tier of New York, can you use all four of these in four consecutive days? Golf clubs, lawnmower, snow blower, and motorcycle. I know that I've been there, what about you?

John Snider
John Snider

The Actual 12 Seasons In New York

Winter - No explanation is needed
Fool's Spring - Slushy mud season
Second Winter - Slick frozen mud season
Spring of Deception - We Are Here, see above for an explanation. Muddy mud mud
Third Winter - Frozen lumpy mud
The Pollening - Hello pollen my old friend, you've come to clog my head again
Actual Spring - No explanation is needed
Summer - One Week
Hell's Front Porch - Feels Like Florida With Even More Humidity
False Fall - It's finally cooling off...until it doesn't
Second Summer - Two weeks
Actual Fall - No explanation is needed

This is why weathermen/weatherwomen love to work in New York, no two days are ever the same.

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IN PHOTOS: Winter Storm Izzy Smacks The The Southern Tier

Winter Storm Izzy arrived in the Southern Tier late on Sunday, January 16, 2021 and dumped varying amounts of snow. These photos were submitted by locals to show what it looks like where they live.

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