After posting the missing gentleman yesterday, I got to thinking that there are so many missing children out there as well. I picked the first ten off of for you to look at and help keep an eye out if you can.

No photo availableNina Alamo
Missing Since:Aug 31, 2015
Missing From:Albany, NY
Age: Now 17
No photo availablePatrick Alford
Missing Since:Jan 22, 2010
Missing From:Brooklyn, NY
Age Now: 13
No photo availableHeidi Allen
Missing Since: Apr 3, 1994
Missing From: New Haven, NY
Age Now: 40
No photo availableAmina Atelek
Missing Since: Sep 16, 2015
Missing From: Newburgh, NY
Age Now: 15
No photo availableStefan Barbat-Alexander
Missing Since: Jul 24, 2008
Missing From: Brooklyn, NY
Age Now: 16
No photo availableBrittany Barnoski
Missing Since: Mar 3, 2015
Missing From: Albany, NY
Age Now: 16
No photo availableStevie Bates
Missing Since: Apr 27, 2012
Missing From: Manhattan, NY
Age Now: 23
No photo availableAngela Bernadotte
Missing Since; Jul 9, 2015
Missing From: Pleasantville, NY
Age Now: 17
No photo availableLatrice Bettis
Missing Since: Jul 4, 2016
Missing From: West Babylon, NY
Age Now: 17
No photo availableBonita Bickwit
Missing Since: Jul 27, 1973
Missing From: Narrowsburg, NY
Age Now: 58

For the full list, search New York State at

You must act immediately if you believe your child is missing.
Here is a downloadable checklist if the worst happens and you are faced with the difficulty of your child missing.