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How Did I Get Pink Eye?


I have heard many crazy stories about this. The most popular being that someone "farted on your pillow" NOT TRUE! Disgusting... but here is what Pink Eye is:

Pink Eye
   Pink eye is medically referred to as conjunctivitis. This is also known as inflammation of the outermost layer of your eye ball (the conjunctiva).  Usually this is a result of a virus, bacteria or an allergic reaction.  The difference is a viral or bacterial cause of pink eye is contagious.  Pink eye from an allergic reaction is not.  Most of the time, in children, it is passed around from hand-eye contact.  This includes a child who has pink eye touching a toy and passing it onto another child.  The children may not have touched each other, but they did touch common objects.  Also if the birth mother of an infant being born has gonorrhea or Chlamydia the child is bound to get pink eye as well.  The mother can prevent this from happening by getting a vaccination.  -ARIEL SAMANTHA EPSTEIN
It's basically from not washing your hands and face on a daily basis. You touch your face a ton of times during a day. If your hands are dirty you are placing that grime on your face and if you rub your eyes... instant nasty in your eye. The chances of you getting pink eye from someone being "funny" on your pillow are VERY slim. Now if someone does this pants free you may want to wash your pillowcase for obvious reasons.