I know you don't want to hear it, but winter is on its way. For many years we've had snow and moderate cold temperatures, even blizzards in the mid nineties!  After all the storms we've had dropping huge amounts of rainfall on the Southern Tier one would have to wonder if we will have that trend continue into the winter months. I don't mind because frankly, I get to play with my four wheel drive. It seems though that New York in general is turning into a hotter, wetter environment for the summer months. If last winter was any indication we will probably have instances of almost spring like muddy conditions turning into longer dry sustained deep cold periods. When I was younger I never remembered having to endure temperatures in the -20 range. I was always outside playing in the snow without parental fear of frostbite. I hope if we do get snow, it is at least during late December to early January. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!

P.S. We have a "High Wind Watch" in effect for today! 20-30 mph sustained winds are expected until this evening! So, no sailboats on the Chenango River and be careful kiting... Thank You.