The older I get the more I appreciate history.  My Dad has a big birthday coming up and as a gift, I decided that this is the year I would get him a newspaper on the date of his birth.  I wish the Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin had this service but they don't.  I guess I'll have to settle for the New York Times, which happens to be his favorite newspaper so I am good there.

There's a really cool web site that somebody told me about on the HAWK Facebook page. It's called, a free website that allows you to enter your birthday, push enter and the songs that were #1 on your birthday show up.  Every #1 for the past 60 years in country music.  What a great idea.  And I was happy to know that some of my favorites, including Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Trisha Yearwood all had #1 songs on the day I was born on that cold Winter day of January 6th.

Who had a number one on your birthday?  Let people know and share the celebration with a piece of country music history.