When I was growing up in the 80's, I loved Exile and Restless Heart. They both had a string of number one hits and released some great videos. Oh, and their hair was fierce!

Exile (then called The Exiles) formed in 1963 by J.P. Pennington. It was originally a rock band and became well known touring with Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars. They had a couple of minor hits including "Kiss You All Over" and decided to reform in 1983 as a Country band, since it fit them better. That is when success became reality.

Beginning with 1984's "Woke Up In Love", they churned out 4 consecutive number one hits. In 1991, after their last hit "Even Now", the group disbanded. In 1995, Pennington and Les Taylor (another band member) met up and did an impromptu show at a nightclub and that is where Exile was reborn.

This year is their 50th anniversary in music so they have launched a tour and plan to release a new album for 2013. I couldn't be more excited!  Just when you thought they left, Exile returns.

Restless Heart was formed as a demo band for songwriter Tim DuBois in 1984. Their first lead singer left after a very short time and Larry Stewart took over. Their debut album spawned 3 top ten hits and the beginning of a great ride for the band.

Like Exile, they had four consecutive number one hits off their second album "Wheels". They also released a single exclusively to pop radio, which became a top 40 hit. In 1994 they disbanded, but in 2002, they came together once more

The string of hits the guys gave to fans included "That Rock Won't Roll", "Why Does It Have To Be (Wrong Or Right)", "A Tender Lie" and "Fast Movin Train".  My favorite, however was 1986's "Til I Loved You".

This year is Restless Heart's 30th year in Country music and they are celebrating with their Forever Restless Tour, featuring their original lineup. They too have a new album being released this year.

See? Good bands just keep on going!