Collin Raye had a solid beginning in music, playing with family in the band "The Wrays". In 1990, he scored a record deal and released his debut "All I Can Be". It did well, but the followup "Love Me" was a huge success. It hit number one quickly and Collin followed with 15 more number one hits.

Don't think, because times have changed, that Collin Raye has slowed down! He tours frequently, but now also focuses on something dear to his heart. Last year, Collin lost his 9 year old granddaughter, Haley, to an undiagnosed neurological disease. Since then, he and Brittany (Haley's Mom), launched the Blessed Chair Foundation to help families afford wheelchairs and scooters for special needs members.

In 2009, Collin released an album "Never Going Back" and continues to work on material. He's a good judge of song character, as you hear with his hits "One Boy, One Girl", "On The Verge" and "Little Rock." So don't be surprised when you hear a new hit through your speakers.

You can keep up with Collin Raye by visiting his website here. Enjoy Collin's "She's With Me" about his granddaughter. Very moving.