Based off Cory Byrom's list from, these are the gifts you WILL NOT be buying for your friends children for Christmas:

1. Anything loud and/or repetitive.
This is rough if your friends have younger kids that are immersed in the simple pleasures of pushing the same... dang... button... repeatedly. This also includes Bop-it for the older kids. You know the game, the one where you make as much freaking noise as you can for as long as you can, then try to beat that record?

2. Any Game with a million pieces.
Hi Ho Cherry-O? Ho Ho NO! See also: Hungry Hungry Hippos

3. Any Toy Musical Instrument.
Dude, it's not a real instrument. It's a noise maker. It's made out of crap. It sounds like crap. IT IS CRAP! (and annoying.)

4. Anything that's gonna hurt like holy hell when they step on it in the middle of the night.
Toy's do not get put away sometimes... it happens. ;-) No one likes stepping on a lego or a Micro Machine. Don't do it. Your friends may tattoo the box to your forehead by force.

5. Any water toy that doesn't live in the bathtub or outside.
Anything to do with that color changing warm/ice water stuff. Just... NO! Oh and, NO SLIMEY, FOAMY, OOEY, GOOEY, STICKY toys either. Thanks.

6. Any Toy That Isn't Appropriate

7. Anything That's Alive.
Kids will not keep it alive... So! What your giving them is an animal that will be dead soon.

8. Glitter