You know by now that Saturday night when you go to bed, you "spring" your clock forward. Time is moved ahead by an hour. Is it me but does time seem to become more important as we grow older?

There are songs written about Time: The Alan Parsons Project sing about it and how it flows like a river. In fact, that was the song we sang at my high school graduation ceremony. Time did not go fast when we were singing it.

Josh Turner tells us that Time is Love but if you ask me, Time is so much more then that. You've heard the expression "time is money." That has more meaning then we think. We treat time like money. Look at the similarities: We invest, spend and waste both time and money.

Time is our life, Time is our most valuable asset. At the end of our life, we'll spend a lifetime of money for someone we love for just a little more time. Why? Because it means something to us. So what do we do with our time?

We shouldn't be asking, "What am I here for" but "Who am I here for." We are not here for a 'what' but a 'who'.  Are you here for you? Then this is what you have to look forward too. There has to be more and here's some good news! There is.

If you ever meet someone who left everything so that they could do something, they understand the importance of time, life and purpose. Use your time for a purpose. We were created on purpose for a purpose and that should be a life message. What's your purpose?

Actually it is a life-giving message. When you know the who, the rest will take care of itself. Don't settle for less. So how are you going to spend your time?

[via Andy Stanley]