Remember the black Angus bull that sat atop the canopy of the old Vestal Steakhouse?  Whatever happened to the massive landmark?  This is the question Glenn and I asked this morning and what we learned from Hawk listeners is really interesting.

According to our listeners who called the Hawk Morning Show, the bull is made of fiberglass and used to stand two stories high on the canopy of the Vestal Steakhouse. The restaurant and bull owner received several offers from all over the country to buy the bull when he closed the restaurant, but he didn’t accept any of the offers.

In stepped a group of area residents who didn't want to see the bull put to pasture and they raised almost $10,000 to buy the bull from the owner.

With the help of some local businesses, the bull was transported to the Discovery Center in Binghamton where it now lives in the Story Garden, has been covered in painted flowers and renamed "Blossom."

And now you know.