Wendy's is updating it's logo for the first time since 1983, 30 years ago.  A side note here, 1983 didn't seem that long ago until I wrote "30 years ago."  Wendy's is going to more upscale menu choices as they transform into a higher end hamburger chain.

The folks from Wendy's came up with dozens of different designs and took customers feedback. Wendy's lettering on the logo has a casual handwritten look.  The pigtails are still there on Wendy but according to their CEO, it's less childlike with a more confident and mature look.  No word yet on how the real life Wendy Thomas feels about the new design.  The classic logo was based on a photo of her taken by her father, Dave.  Dave opened the first Wendy's in 1969 and it's the 5th logo change.

They say more changes are coming. They'll be adding new menu items.  A new restaurant design is on the way for many of their restaurants, and next year look for a change in the uniform to a more tailored look.

One more Wendy's nugget (and I don't mean chicken):  Quick Service Restaurant magazine just did their annual Drive-Thru Perfomance Study of the top 7 fast food restaurant chains. Wendy's came in first in receiving your food in the Drive-Thru lane.  I guess that makes them the fastest of the fast when your on the go.