If you've got a Fido or a Spot and you buy his dog treats at Wegmans, you might want to check his treats bag. According to their website, there's a big recall on doggie treats sold at Wegmans.  Here's what's under recall:

Waggin' Train Treats for Dogs

  •      Big Blast, 1.93lbs - UPC: 8-07020-10113
  •      Chicken Jerky Tenders, 5oz - UPC: 8-07020-77750
  •      Duck Jerky Tenders, 5oz - UPC: 8-07020-33350
  •      Western Grill, Assorted, 24oz - 8-07020-78524

Yam Good, Wholesome Chicken Wrapped Yams, 14oz - 8-07020-10314

Cadet Gourmet Chicken Sausage, 8oz - UPC: 7-68303-07461

Milo's Kitchen Grillers Dog Treats, 14oz - UPC: 79100-51312

These treats are being recalled because test results show trace amounts of antibiotics in the treats.

If you've got any of the affected dog treats, you can return them to Wegmans for a full refund.

Here's how to get in touch with Wegmans in Johnson City:

(607) 729-7782
650 Harry L Drive
Johnson City, NY13790