I have to admit something that I’ve never admitted before.  I’ve never asked for a raise.  Ever. I’ve always been too scared that if I were to ask for a raise, I’d just be let go and replaced by someone who’d love to be paid less than me.


However, if you’re braver than I am and are considering asking for a raise or are trying to get a leg up with your boss, you know what they say- the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and I guess you could say that’s true in the workplace too.


25% of people say they’ve have baked treats for the office in an attempt to boost their careers.  And a fifth of employees admit to bringing in store-bought snacks and passing them off as homemade (blasphemous!)!  


But it goes both ways (shocking, I know) 50% of workers say they’ve lied about a colleague’s baking skills in order to get on their good side, which makes sense because it wouldn’t be very smart to tell your boss that her cake was dry.