Our second round of voting is now open!

Before voting, check out the in-studio performances of our six remaining contestants:

**Voting Instructions
We're doing things a little different this year than we did last year. Each IP address (individual computer) can submit one vote per 24 hour period. In the event that the rules are circumvented (by bot or any other means), we will purge repeat votes from the same IP address that occurred in the same 24 hour period and re-assess the results before we announce them.

To avoid confusion or an inaccurate depiction of ongoing results, the votes will be hidden and announced on the site at the conclusion of each round.

The top 3 vote recipients will move onto our LIVE performance finale on March 25th at Tioga Downs Casino!

The first round of voting begins NOW and will end Sunday, March 23rd at 11:59 P.M. EST

Our three finalists will be announced On-Air and right here on our site on Monday, March 24th.