Vista Hospitality Group, the company that owns the Holiday Inn Arena in Binghamton and the Quality Inn & Suites in Vestal is planning on submitting a bid to build a $120 million dollar casino containing 1,500 plus slot machines and 50 table games.

Where will they put them you ask? Inside the City of Binghamton. The first spot they are looking at is the old Stow Manufacturing building just off the Brandywine Highway and the second being in the Binghamton Plaza! Both potential spots being in a centralized location and in thier estimation, fueling the Binghamton economy to it's maximum. To really put Binghamton In the spotlight. Now, they would only pick one spot if they are awarded the license later this year, but either spot would have a huge casino just off of a main highway area.

However if the license is awarded to them, and the Binghamton plaza area is picked that would end up evicting some staple businesses in the plaza. Kmart, Radio Shack and New York Pizzeria just to name a few. Although those businesses are currently doing business in old dilapidated buildings. While the Stow Manufacturing site would take an older unused building away for a new structure.