We're coming up on cold and flu season and speaking of the season... the holidays, so we are all about to get sick once again. I'm battling a light cold right now! Luckily I haven't had too many nose problems but you gotta say one of the most annoying features of being sick is not being able to breathe through your nose.

Here are two tricks I found online that are supposed to help, and only take a few seconds. The first one you can do anywhere you are, but the second one... wash your mitts first!

1. Use your thumb to gently press between your eyebrows for three to four seconds. Then let go, and thrust your tongue against the roof of your mouth. It targets two bones in your face that shift back and forth, and push fluid out your sinuses. Do it four or five times in a row, and you should be able to breathe better.

2. Shove your right pinky into the back left side of your mouth, behind your last molar. Then push up toward your eye and cheekbone, and hold it for three seconds. It stimulates a group of nerves connected to your nasal cavity, and helps drain fluid.

Apparently it'll work best if you do it every few hours.



[Via: Men's Health]